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Wellness Without  Boundaries 

Premium Hemp-CBD Products

Welcome Forest Natruals CBD Customers!
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Most Popular CBD Products

What is CBD

It’s a naturally occurring substance that’s used in products like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm.
CBD is not psychoactive.

How to compare CBD Brands
& Products

CBD concentration: Total MG CBD Not size of bottle

If 2 bottles both have the same amount of CBD in them (500mg), but one is bigger, you don’t get more CBD, you just get a more diluted version and have to take twice as much of the bigger bottle for the same effect.


USA Hemp Extract

Our products are made from Hemp plants that are organically grown and passionately harvested in Colorado. Their oil is then extracted using the safest and cleanest Co2 processes that exceed US safety standards.


Life Style


Muscle Relief





Discover Pureblend Botanicals

Natural, Organic, Pure

Pureblend Botanicals offers a suite of natural, organic, medically-minded products with uncompromising purity, designed to bring wellness to mind & body without the risk of addiction, and competitively priced.


What separates us from other CBD products is the further purification process our extracts undergo that results in the purest, highest quality, pharma-grade distillates with the highest concentration of cannabinoids per milliliter. This means you need a much smaller application size to feel the same benefits as the larger, more diluted bottles offered by competitors.


We believe that everyone is entitled to wellness and wealth. We believe that these basic human rights should be accessible by all, and that we should be working together to help one-another thrive. What we offer is an incredible product and opportunity with the potential to achieve both.



What our clients are saying 

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I was diagnosed with arthritis and tendinitis in my hands and wrists. The pain was so intense that I had to see a Rheumatologist for a Cortisone injection. He advised that I should try a natural alternative first. I started taking Pureblend’s full spectrum CBD oil and within a month I noticed that the pain symptom was mostly gone and I stopped taking pain killers!.

Retired Civil Engineer

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